Many homeowners are not aware that they have paid somewhere between $8,000 and upwards of $20,000 for their pavers-brick driveways, patios and or pool decks.  Proper maintenance with a quality sealer designed specifically for pavers-brick in Florida is a must to protect and care for your investment.  Beware of imitations.

Our Perma-Seal sealing system will offer you the following:

  • Protect your pavers from fading in the harmful Florida sun. 
  • Stop mildew, oil and other stains, eliminate tire tracks from vehicles and is skid resistant.
  • Reduce the efflorescence process.
  • Will enhance the color of your pavers with a beautiful satin or satin-gloss finish (your choice).
  • Will help reverse the aging process giving your pavers-bricks a lustrous finish enhancing your curb appeal.

Paver Sealer Pros, LLC. have been sealing pavers-bricks in Florida for many years and have extremely satisfied customers in over 65 communities.  In the 20 years of our experience, we have developed our Paver Seal PSP-250 system, which goes unmatched by the competition.  We offer real warranties for the services we provide.  You can rest assured that we use only the best quality sealing materials along with state of the art equipment and technology.  Our PSP-250 sealer is not commercially available. We have a custom blend which creates a sealer that is much thicker, lasts longer and gives your pavers-bricks more dramatic results that will stand up to the Florida weather.

A substantial part of our business is repairing and resealing jobs done by our competition.  Please be aware that some sealing jobs by other companies, including homeowners, have permanently damaged pavers-bricks all over Florida.  Unless you plan on moving within the next few months we recommend that you do this right the first time.  It is much more economical in the long run and we guarantee you will be much happier having used our services.

Ask about our Low VOC Bio-based sealer options





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